I grew up barefoot and sunburned in Zimbabwe.  I haven't changed much...

My father was a veterinarian so I learned at a young age to love and appreciate animals.   I think we humans often underestimate animals.  Most of my artwork  portrays the richness of animal personalities; their bonds to each other, their sense of humor, their elegance and style.  I like to work in series - I am currently painting cows.

I learned to draw and paint with the help of three truly great teachers:  L.V. Davis, Jacques Devaud, and Frank Covino.  Through these generous artists, I learned the craft of the old masters and I also learned how to inspire and encourage other artists.  After 10 years of intense study I felt ready to open my own atelier - the Classical Art Academy, where I have been teaching drawing and painting since 2002. 

In my years teaching, I have developed a unique color mixing system for oil painters, which I have made available to the public.  If you want to have a look, visit Color Mixing for Oil Painters.

I can be contacted by email at classicalartacademy@gmail.com